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About HiDef

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HiDef’s technology is operated around the world by third parties on an exclusive territory basis. Our team has developed a comprehensive operational and training schedule, this ensures licensees can provide a seamless service. If you operate in the renewable energy, infrastructure, or conservation sector, and wish to provide customers with an exclusive complementary service, please get in touch with us. HiDef Aerial Surveying was established in 2007 and is still the only company in the world able to offer an extreme HD video platform deployed via aircraft A continuous development cycle ensures the technology continues to outperform off the shelf digital stills cameras. Our team are able to identify over 95% or all bird and mammal observations to their lowest taxonomic level (rolling 12 month average). The unique use of moving images additional data to be interpreted; such as direction of travel and bird flight height. To support this work HiDef also provides clients with highly respected survey design and statistical analysis services. Species identification is provided by professional zoologists and ornithologists, and the company operates a rigorous quality assurance procedures. Our team have recently developed a second camera platform for use in calculated availability bias.